Closed Sunday August 16 – Saturday August 29 for vacation

Polly’s at the Pier will be closed for vacation beginning August 16, 2020. We will reopen on Sunday August 30, 2020.

Many of the Polly’s crew have had their vacations and family visits cancelled over the past four months due to Covid flight cancellations and restrictions. We are closing for this period to give them the opportunity to visit their family before the peak of hurricane season begins and travel becomes more difficult.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and look forward to serving you when we return.

Important changes to St Croix restaurants for COVID-19

Here are the updated changes that Polly’s at the Pier has implemented to follow the Governor’s mandate for safe social distancing in a restaurant. Restaurants are no longer allowed to have more than 10 people in the restaurant, including employees.

Whether you want to pick up your order at the counter, get curbside pickup, or dine at one of our few courtyard tables, Polly’s can make it happen for you!

* Polly’s now offers curbside pickup service! (requires credit card, no cash transactions). Check out our menu on or Facebook and call 340-719-9434 to place your order.

* There will be no inside seating. Polly’s will offer a few tables and chairs in our courtyard for those who don’t want to take their food home or we suggest one of the park benches on the waterfront just across the street with a fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea and the pier.

* The order line to the counter must stay to a minimum. Please remain outside until the counter is free and adhere to the distancing tape on the floor. Menu’s are located on the door for you to make your choice before approaching the counter.

* All orders will be packed in to-go containers and can be picked up at the outside window when your name is called. You cannot wait inside for your order as per the health department rules.

Abby, Sean, Chuck, Chris, and our wonderful staff thanks you for your continuing support! Thank you for your patience as we all adjust to these changes. We look forward to serving you.

Polly’s COVID-19 message update

The Polly’s at the Pier team wants to keep you safe and healthy. Here are ways that we are encouraging social distancing within our open environment and still allow you to be part of the community:

* We have limited the inside tables and have moved them to be at least 6 feet from each other.
* We have increased table seating in our beautiful open courtyard with at least 6 feet distance from each other.
* Hand-out menus are no longer available. You can find our menu taped to the entry doors and to the front counter. Please make your selection before approaching the counter.
* Please do not crowd the line to the counter – keep 6 feet distancing or wait outside until it is your time to approach the counter to place your order.
* Please enjoy our take-out service! You can find the menu on our website or Facebook and place your order 340-719-9434.
* If you have any cold symptoms, we ask that you please do not enter Polly’s. We will be happy to provide a pick-up service for you at the front window. Please let us know when you call in your order. You can provide your credit card info when you place your order.
* We encourage the use of credit cards instead of cash.

Polly’s at the Pier plans to keep our regular hours and our fantastic staff plans to keep serving you. We may need to make additional changes in the near future. Check back with us for updates. We hope that you will continue to support us!

We are now open on Monday’s!

We heard you loud and clear….Polly’s at the Pier is now open every Monday from 8 am – 11 for breakfast and 11 – 3 for lunch.

Say hi to two new members of the Polly’s at the Pier staff.  Abby has joined our customer support team and Stacey has joined our fantastic kitchen staff.  We are super excited to have them on board!  Coming up later in October – Sue will be coming back to rejoin the Polly’s team!  Our customers sure have have missed her amazing smile and great customer service.

Coffee or Tea? Mornings at Polly’s at the Pier

Mornings at Polly’s at the Pier where Chris enjoys our world class coffee from our boutique roaster and Chuck enjoys a cup of one of our large selection of Taco teas. Later in the day, Chris switches to our Iced Coffee served over Coffee Cubes (why dilute?!) and Chuck switches to one of our fresh brewed Iced Teas from our boutique Tea supplier.

Coffee or tea in the morning?

Menu change is in the air!

All that’s missing in this picture is you.

Our breakfast menu is going through some exciting changes.  Say goodbye to some favorite menu items since 2009…the Polly’s Burrito/Scramble, Veggie Burrito/Scramble, and Southwest Burrito/Scramble.  Say hello to the Polly’s “Build YOUR Own” Burrito or Scramble!  Each starts with the basics…3 delicious scramble eggs on a flour tortilla or with a side of Toast or English Muffin.  You then choose your favorite items to add…like Bacon, Veggie Sausage, Chicken, Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa, or your favorite veggie items.  Keep it simple….or go wild.

Breakfast is served from 8 am to 11 am on weekdays and 8:30 am to 11 am on Saturday.  Stop in for breakfast soon.

Caribbean Soul Collection “6 Restaurants that we love on St Croix”

Polly’s at the Pier is proud to be included in this list of best restaurants on St Croix in a recent blog by Caribbean Soul Collection.  We could not be on this list without our amazing staff and customers.  Thanks!

Article can be viewed at this link: