The specials at Polly’s at the Pier for Monday August 14, 2017 are:

Breakfast Special is a Frittata Americano –  3 eggs, bacon, cheddar, onions, peppers made in a beautiful “pancake”.

Lunch Special is the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  This can also be done in a rice bowl for those gluten-free fans.

Also note that we are offering marinated Tofu as a substitute for chicken in any of our wraps this week.  we are doing a test market on this option and we will have limited supply…so get there early. This means that our vegetarian friends can try ANY of our wraps with the Tofu option and our vegan friends can have one of our delicious Asian Wraps.  We look forward to your positive feedback to bring Tofu as a full time option in the near future.