Chrisism: the word created when Chris gets flustered and combines two words. Today’s word is “Ciaodios”. This weekend we say goodbye to our Polly’s family as Polly’s transitions to the capable hands of Susan and Sean. It has been a pleasure to serve St Croix for the last 7 years. Thank you for being such loyal customers and friends over the years. Now we are going to sit down and rest our feet.

A special thanks to Sue Bacallao for being here on day 1 and sticking it out with us as Chris’ work wife. You will always be our family. We are super proud of Sean Moon who walked in 4 years ago looking for a job and started washing dishes. Look at what you have become! We have complete gratitude to Susan for stepping in and buying Polly’s to keep it from shutting its doors forever this month. Susan and Sean are committed to keeping the same daytime good family feeling of which our customers have become accustomed. We can’t wait to see what happens with the night time Tex-Mex expansion. Susan was always disappointed that Hurricane Maria stopped us from our planned kitchen expansion to add a full timeTex-Mex night menu…so she bought Polly’s 3 years later to make it happen! For the community, this means a growth of employment for Frederiksted. Susan and Sean are looking for additional Polly’s family immediately as well as in the near future with the night time expansion. Reach out to them directly.

We are excited that Alyssa will be back in the house in October as she returns from maternity leave. Margi, who was our lifesaver after Hurricane Maria, will be back on Saturday’s. (We have tried unsuccessfully to clone Margi for the other days.)

Chris will be in the house this weekend so please make sure to stop by and say “Ciaodios” to him.

I am signing off now. Ciaodios y’all!